EOS Tools


Scatter allows a user to sign transactions while interacting with the EOS blockchain without revealing your Private Key, it is an essential tool for integrating with many of the tools listed below

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Scattellet by Scatter

A simple user interface to send EOS to different accounts, on log in it shows account balance. When creatign a transfer a memo can be atached and when the transfer is confirmed the transaction hash is shown.

Requires Scatter

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EOStoolkit by GenerEOS

An all around tool, allowing users to create new account names, transfer EOS and manage account permissions. The earlier version allowed voting - https://toolkit.genereos.io/tools - but this is still being finaised on this version. It also allows for blck producers to claim their producer rewards.

Requires Scatter

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Downloadable Voting Tool by Liquid EOS

A downloadable application that signs your transaction on the local machine with your private key outside of your browser.Liquid Eos Voting portal to select voting method.

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Voting Tool by Liquid EOS

A browser based voting portal.

Requires Scatter

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An updated version with real time graph, the ability to buy and sell ram, view your complete wallet balance and the EOS values of CPU, NET and RAM. A very nice converter that allows you to purchase and sell RAM using EOS or Bytes values

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EOSeco Explorer by EOSeco

An EOS block explorer that gives details such as - RAM Price, Blocks Produced, Transactions and Accounts. There is a voting tool that genetrates Command liine instructions for insertion into Clios, as well as indicating block producers rewards per day.

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Pomelo Wallet by MEET.ONE

A mobile wallet for android, with an unsigned iOS version available allowing a user to view balances and vote

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EOS Key by EOS Cafe Calgary

An offline registration fallback for Ethereum to EOS private keys

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EOS Voter by EOSphere

A voting platform.

Requires Scatter

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EOS Portal

A voting platform

Requires Scatter

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EOStat by EOS Seoul

A network monitoring platform and voting tool

Requires Scatter - for voting

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EOS BP Research Portal by EOS Aloha

A list of block producers with their current position and vote count as well as further information regarding compliance.

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Vote Proxy Research Portal by EOS Aloha

A list of Vote Proxies with their account names, EOS count and who they are voting for.

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BP Compliace Rating by EOS Wire

A table view of BPs showing their compliance with the BP Agreement.

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EOSC by EOS Canada

A command line voting tool and vault for private key storage

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Paper Wallet Offline Generator by EOS Index

An interface to create a paper wallet for EOS allowing cold storage

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A tracker of the initial crowd sale and EOS auction prices, listed to be updated to a block explorer.

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Alerts by EOS Authority

Set up alerts on your account when a transaction is executed, allowing you to be fully aware of your account status

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Airdrop Calculator

Using your Genesis public Key you can view the airdrops that you should be eligible for.

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A block chain explorer with a RAM cost converter on the side.

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EOSFlare by EOS Flare

Starting as a monitoring tool for launch, EOSFlare is now a block explorer allowing to view a detiled break down of your accounts status and its transactions

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Account Watcher

A tool for monitoring your EOS account with the ability to create email alerts. This is quite an advanced user tool for those familiar with Command Line.

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EOSweb by EOSweb

A block chain explorer with analytics and widgets under construction.

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A list of air drops available to the EOS community, allowing you to register, like, bin and set alerts for airdrops.

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BP Transparency Tool

A Command line tool to allow Bp producers to collect and present their transactions allowing for greater transparency

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EOS Monitor by EOS TEA

A block chain explorer with analytics and widgets under construction.

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